The NS9 has been motivated by the ‘Yinzers’ of Pittsburgh sports for years which has helped inspire us to create this website. We have been driven by our passion for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but also due to the lazy thinking of Yinzers that feel every decision the Pirates make is the wrong one. This here is our dedication to the Yinzer that stands out the most for the past week. If you come across any yinzers on twitter, make sure to tweet us using the hashtag #YOTW and you can nominate them yourselves. We present you this week’s Yinzer Of The Week:


This week there was one particular tweet that made me chuckle. After ending last week by sweeping Atlanta, the yinzers calmed down just a little bit. The Pirates were 3-2 and the hot takes went from steaming to luke warm. Well, the Cincinnati Reds came to town and told the fans to ‘hold up, sit down yinzer, be humble.”

The Pirates were allowing runs all over the place while stranding runners everywhere. This erratic play prompted RumBunter to poke fun and tweet this: Well for one person this wasn’t too amusing. As a matter of fact he was livid at the play of the Pirates and just absolutely sick of the overvalued players (yes, apparently with all the non spending the Pirates do there are quite a few overpaid/overvalued players), and wanted to see them out of town. 

Marshall wants to see Gerrit Cole, Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte, and Gregory Polanco out of Pittsburgh because he thinks they are all overvalued. He also thinks they are close to becoming fully depreciated. Essentially, this might be the last year we could trade all of these players to get anything of value in return.

Just to put something in perspective, these four players have totaled 39.2 Wins Above Replacement over the past 3 seasons. They also earned a combined $38,361,166 in those three years. So basically all four of these players combined cost about $1MM per WAR they produce. In 2016, Miguel Cabrera cost $5.7MM per WAR. Giancarlo Stanton cost $3.6MM per WAR in 2016. Even Chris Sale, who the Red Sox gave a mega package to acquire, cost $1.8MM per WAR last season.

As you can see, the numbers prove that Marshall is on to something. All of these players are overvalued and as the rest of the yinzers claim, the window is almost shut. He has had enough of this same crap on repeat. It is pure sickening that the Pirates won 94 games, then repeated by winning 88 games, and followed that season up by repeating once again to vomit up 98 wins. Oh yes, the Pirates did win just 78 wins last year.

Wow, this yinzer doesn’t even know what the word repeat means. Marshall should open a dictionary and soak some knowledge. While he is at it, he might as well look up the word ‘yinzer’ because there will be a picture of his blank avi in the definition. With that said, Marshall Probst, you are the Yinzer Of The Week!

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